Just ordered meals from here. Hubby had the potatoes and chicken I had the greek salad (large of course). FANTASTIC! Chicken and potatoes were moist and flavorful. Greek salad was so large! Perfect greek dressing. Never tasted better! But I had to have a couple pieces of baklava! A good friend in elementary school mom was greek and she made the best bakalava. Well Mrs. Makis, move over this was UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! OMG! Highly recommend you try this restaurant out! And definitely will be going back!

Michelle G.

I took my family here for ice cream on Sunday and was able to meet the owner. She was very passionate about her craft and had an amazing energy. She informed my family of some of the other offerings which included gyros, so i decided to try them for lunch. I was not disappointed. The portions were large and the food was delicious. I will definitely return with my family for more!

Gary R.

Ordered from Stoyanna's before Christmas.
Food was excellent! My wife had Spinach pie and Greek potatoes and a Greek salad. I had a large Chicken gyro and a Greek salad. Luckily for us they had some extra turnovers as I neglected to order dessert (which I will not do again!).
Everything was so good! The spinach pie and turnovers were so flaky and good and the Greek salads were excellent with such fresh ingredients! My chicken gyro was great, loaded with good tender, moist chicken and the Greek potatoes were delicious! Planning our next order as I write this!

Fred Wessels

Best ice cream in the area! Every week they have a new specialty flavor available, so check back often! Your flavor might be next!

Just note they are only open through specific times during the year like most ice cream shops. Typically spring through early fall. Like them in Facebook so you'll get updates on stuff!

Samurai In Black

Friendly owner and staff. Great ice cream! Convenient location.

Dana Howell

Accidentally came across this cute little ice cream place. Kids working the place were very nice and polite. Patiently waited for me to pick something. Turned out to be the best ice cream Ive ever had! Highly recommend!!!

Amy Harston

Its basically the best ive ever had all flavors mmm mmm

Chad Davison

Visited for the first time today and tried the baklava, I'll be back to try more delicious Greek food

Matt H.

My wife and I have ordered from Stoyanna's twice now and both times the food has been excellent!
Flaky, delicious phyllo spinach pie and turnovers, that were so wonderful. Fresher than homemade Greek salads! Baked cod that was so moist and flavorful with great Greek potatoes for a side. A chicken gyro with plenty of juicy tender pieces of chicken! We plan on ordering many more times in the near future! If you are looking for great food that is so much better than "fast food" give Stoyanna's a try!

Frederick W.

Nice people here. Good service too. Highly recommended.

Gary A.